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Dear Investment Property Owner,

The quality of the management of your investment property is vital to its success and the life of the property. My name is Alan Drummond, I am a Coast Guard veteran and a Georgia licensed real estate broker with 14 years of experience in Statesboro, GA. I own and manage Pear Properties LLC, a fully licensed and thriving real estate brokerage. We specialize in residential and commercial property management as well as real estate brokerage services that help clients buy, sell, and manage investment properties. 

Alan Drummond | Pear Properties, Statesboro, GA

What sets us apart from other property management companies is our dedication to service. We have licensed agents that serve as our property managers. You would have a direct line to this licensed agent as well as myself for all of your investment property needs. We specialize in direct line communication and ALL of our property management portfolios are overseen by me. As a broker, I do not compete with my agents for residential and commercial sales. Therefore, you will have agents and brokers focused on the management of your rental property FIRST and then focused on sales second. This correlates to improved customer service to the tenant and the owner of the investment property. My company has a 99.5 percent collection rate, a 99.9 percent occupancy rate, and an 80 percent renewal rate each year. Additionally, we provide quarterly inspections on all properties and we are open until 7pm in the evening to serve our customers better. If you are in need of maintenance, we have a dedicated maintenance manager to serve your needs. Most importantly, we have working relationships that create discounts for plumbing, electrical, general handyman, heating and air, and other services related to property management. In addition to those services, we have a turn over vendor that can turn your property over at low cost to keep your gap days (time in turnover and not rented) low. Management of the turn is crucial to the operation of your investment property. In my opinion, we are unmatched in this area. I personally look forward to speaking with you about how I can help with your investment property management and sales needs in the future. Please give me a call and let’s talk today!


Alan Drummond

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